Pics / Creative Uses:

Please look at our PICS page! If you have discovered new uses for our items, or innovative ideas, please send us some pics! We'd love to see them and perhaps post them on here, along with your name or whatever info you would like to provide. Thx! 
Sizing Chains:

All of our chains can be cut-to-size by simply cutting with ordinary scissors at the desired length. We encourage you to get creative with their uses. For instance, you can turn a necklace into a bracelet, a keychain, or whatever you would like. 
Attaching Moo Prdx:

All of our Pendants and Pickz can be easily and securely attached to things such as chains, zippers, keychains, etc. The clips featured on our products are durable and attach very securely to objects.

Multiple Pendants:

We encourage our customers to experiment with attaching more than one Moo Pendant or Pickz to their necklaces. Click here for examples.  
Bling Chain:

Our Bling Chain is flashy, and embedded with bright, high-quality Swarovski crystals that shine like diamonds. 

Our “Guitar Pickz” pendants are all high quality guitar picks by companies like Pickboy and Dunlop. Guitar players will find these to be very convenient, offering a stylish and practical way to have one or more guitar picks available to be used at any time. 

Our “Walletz” offer a variety of configurations and possible uses and layouts. Each one has a very shiny interior, making it usable as a mirror. Cool, yeah?